The Wave Restaurant
The Wave Restaurant is situated on the bank of Bangkok’s main water artery – Chao Phraya River. You can not only have a tasty meal there, but also dance and see concerts of local stars. Facility’s menu consists of authentic Thai dishes. In addition, it offers a wide selection of seafood and an assortment of Japanese sushi. There is a dessert list and a laconic offer of spirits and cocktails. A spa

Khaosan Road
The 400-meter-long Khaosan Road is situated in the very heart of the historical center and is nicknamed as the gates to Bangkok because it is from it that many travelers start their acquaintance with Thai capital. It is the most popular street among tourists: it attracts them with cheap accommodation, numerous cafés and snack bars with affordable prices, a huge selection of entertainments to fit a

Above Eleven
The bar and restaurant Above Eleven is situated on the 33rd floor of the multifunctional complex Fraser Suites Sukhumvit. Its original menu consists of Nikkei Cuisine’s dishes, which are a mixture of Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions. Most dishes are served as small Spanish snacks tapas. In addition, it offers a wide selection of wines from the Old and New World. The seats are situated on

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall
The Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, also known as The Nitas Rattanakosin Museum, is situated in the historical heart of the city and is one of the most interesting museums of Bangkok. Its unique interactive exposition was created using ultramodern multi-media technologies. It introduces history, art and culture of Thailand of Rattanakosin period. Rattanakosin is an era in kingdom’s history that last

The Living Room
The Living Room is situated on the premises of the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel, not far from the metro station Sukhumvit. It features a laconic menu with light dishes and original snacks. In addition, the restaurant offers a wide selection of wines and signature cocktails. The Living Room regularly organizes concerts of famous foreign and local jazzmen.

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park
The Water Park Fantasia Lagoon is situated on the roof of the shopping mall The Mall Bangkae, in Bangkok outskirts. You can have a great time there, going on rides on breathtaking water slides and admiring amazing sceneries from the bird’s eye view. Fantasia Lagoon offers a huge number of varied water amusements to fit any taste and age. It features several large swimming pools, water slides and h

Siam Park City
Situated in Bangkok outskirts, Siam Park City is a huge entertainment complex that combines amusement park and water park. It is divided in several zones: zone of extreme rides X-Zone, three children’s zones – Family World, Fantasy World and Small World – and water amusement park. X-Zone features breathtaking rides for thrill seekers. You can fly on a magic carpet (Alladin), ride a roller coaster

Dream World
Dream World, which is nicknamed as Asian Disneyland, is situated in Bangkok’s suburb. It is one of the largest amusement parks in Thailand. Its incredibly beautiful and well-groomed territory of 28 hectares houses more than forty varied park amusements, which arouse the same admiration among kids and adults alike. A visit to Dream World is a perfect opportunity to have a good time and lots of fun.

Patpong Night Market
Situated in Bangkok’s central part not far from Lumpini Park, the Patpong Quarter is one of the most famous and important districts in the capital. It is well-known not only for unthinkable number of varied entertainment facilities, which glitter with neon from evening to dawn, but also for the namesake night market, which is considered to be one of the most popular markets among tourists. Each gu

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