Central World Plaza
The eight-storey Central World Plaza is one of the largest trade and entertainment centers in Bangkok and in the whole Southeast Asia. It is situated in the city center, within a five-minute walk from the Skytrain station Chit Lom. It occupies a territory of 8 000 square meters and houses two large department stores – Zen and Isetan – and about three hundred brand-name shops, selling virtually all

K Village
Situated in the tourist district of Sukhumvit not far from the Skytrain station Prompong, the shopping mall К Village is one of the most popular shopping places in Bangkok. It occupies two buildings, surrounded with tropical garden. Shopping mall’s five zones are filled with a hundred shops: from small boutiques to brand-name shops of the world-known brands. The building A houses food supermarket,

The Sukhumvit district is remarkably popular among tourists on a par with the famous Khaosan Road. It has nothing to offer to those who like informative excursions, though. Major architectural and historical attractions of Bangkok are situated in other part of the city. But on the other hand, those who come to Thailand for good shopping, rich culture and night life are quite free here to do what t

Khaosan Road
The 400-meter-long Khaosan Road is situated in the very heart of the historical center and is nicknamed as the gates to Bangkok because it is from it that many travelers start their acquaintance with Thai capital. It is the most popular street among tourists: it attracts them with cheap accommodation, numerous cafés and snack bars with affordable prices, a huge selection of entertainments to fit a

Patpong Night Market
Situated in Bangkok’s central part not far from Lumpini Park, the Patpong Quarter is one of the most famous and important districts in the capital. It is well-known not only for unthinkable number of varied entertainment facilities, which glitter with neon from evening to dawn, but also for the namesake night market, which is considered to be one of the most popular markets among tourists. Each gu

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market is situated in Bangkok’s north, near the namesake park. It is the largest market in Thailand and one of the largest in the world. From 200000 to 300000 visitors come there on weekends. Not all of them go shopping at that. Some people visit Chatuchak, which has long become a substantial part of tourist travel guides, on excursion. Chatuchak owes its origin to the former pri

Floating market Damnoensaduak
Several centuries ago, Thailand’s numerous canals and rivers served as country’s key transport arteries and their banks were humming with activity. Many things have changed since then, but the traditional floating markets are a vivid reminder of those times. They have long become Thailand’s trademark. The most famous one is the Damnoensaduak, located in the Ratchaburi province within 100 kilometer

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