If you look at Bangkok from the bird’s eye view, it may seem as a chaotic accumulation of faceless high-rise buildings with immersed in thick smog serpentine roads twisting among them. But, in fact, numerous green areas are scattered across Thailand’s capital. They provide city’s residents and guests with fresh air and space for active recreation and let them forget about existence of the huge megalopolis with its gigantic skyscrapers, tropical heat and crazy traffic around them.

Bangkok’s largest recreation zone and therefore local’s favorite recreation place is the Lumpini Park. It is often compared to the “green lungs” of the capital, and not without a reason: park’s huge territory houses the largest area of green plantations in the city. There are huge manmade lake, where one can go boating or riding a catamaran, jogging and cycle tracks, tennis courts, numerous glades with gymnastic apparatus and fitness equipment, and children's playgrounds in the park.

Another park, which is as popular as the Lumpini Park, is Safari World. It is one of the largest and the most visited parks in the capital. It is a huge open air zoo, where more than a hundred species of varied animals, including rare ones, live in as close to natural conditions as possible. You can also admire the variety of fauna in Bangkok’s oldest zoo – Dusit. About a thousand birds, several hundred mammals and reptiles, including rare species from South Asia and Africa live amongst its lush tropical verdure.

There are also natural attractions in Bangkok’s outskirts. In particular, the largest crocodile farm in the world is situated there. It is home to more than a hundred thousand reptiles of different species, including the largest crocodile that was ever held in captivity. Breathtaking shows with these gigantic reptiles, with which artful Thai trainers make fantastic stunts, are organized on the farm. You can also see elephant shows, visit a serpentine farm and a mini-zoo there.

Another natural highlight that is situated in capital’s suburb is the Rose Garden, which is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens not only in Thailand but also in the whole Southeast Asia. Hundreds of rose species of the most incredible forms, colors and tints grow there. They cluster along shady lanes together with a huge number of orchids.

Bangkok is currently committed to reach the status of one of the greenest cities in the world. It is planned to significantly increase the number of green areas with flowering parks in the near future. Thus, metropolis’s environmental conditions will be improved, its landscape will be harmonized and new recreation zones and interesting natural attractions will be created for Bangkok’s residents and capital’s guests.

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