Vimanmek Mansion
Situated on the territory of the splendid park complex among lush verdure, Vimanmek Mansion is a former royal residence, which strikes with its elegant beauty, now the same as a hundred years ago. Mansion’s name means “Mansion in the clouds” or “House of Heavenly Beings” in Thai. It is famous as the largest house in the world, built from a valuable teak tree. Today, a very interesting museum, whos

Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCA
Situated in the northern part of the city, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is one of the Bangkok youngest and the most noteworthy museums. It is worth visiting not only for connoisseurs of art, but also for everyone who wants to touch Thailand’s soul: the typical for this country mélange of traditions and modernity, can be best seen in the works of contemporary Thai artists. MOCA was opened

Jim Thompson House Museum
The creator of the legendary Thai silk empire, former scout and connoisseur of antiques, American Jim Thompson is the most famous and respected foreigner in Thailand, who left a very rich legacy behind. Hidden in the shadow of the succulent-green garden in Bangkok’s center, his original house is filled with works of art and is one of the capital’s most frequently visited places. Jim Thompson was b

The National Museum
Situated not far from the Royal Palace and the Sanam Luang square in the center of Bangkok, the National Museum is one of the largest and the most important museums not only in Thailand, but also in the whole Southeast Asia. It keeps an impressively large and valuable collection of historical artifacts and items of Thai art. Very interesting relicts from the early times to nowadays are gathered th

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