Situated within 80 kilometers from Bangkok, the city of Ayutthaya is the ancient capital of the Ayuthia kingdom, which preceded Siam. Having existed for a little more than four centuries, it was destroyed by the Burmese. However, even its ruins are a spectacle of unimaginable beauty and value. Its historical center is filled with remnants of grandiose temple complexes, built from unbaked brick in

Ancient City or Mueang Boran
The Ancient City, also known as Ancient Siam, is situated within 30 kilometers from Bangkok. It is one of the biggest and the most impressive outdoor museums in the world. More than a hundred copies and models of the most famous and symbolic buildings of Thailand are gathered on its imposing territory of about 130 hectares. Palaces, temples and monuments represent various styles and epochs. Visiti

Suan Pakkad Palace & Museum
Suan Pakkad Palace & Museum is one of the most symbolic and interesting museums in Bangkok. It gives capital’s guests an opportunity to learn about Thailand’s centuries-old history, very rich culture and unique art. The palace was a residence of Prince Chumbhot and his wife until the middle of the 20th century. The couple was famous as leading collectors of works of art in the country. It was thei

The Rose Garden
Stretching over the bank of Tachin River in Bangkok’s outskirts, the Rose Garden is rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens not only in Thailand, but in the whole Southeast Asia. Occupying an area of 25 hectares, it is conditionally divided in two zones: botanical and ethnographical. Hundreds of rose species of the most incredible forms, colors and tints grow there. They cluster

Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn
Situated on the western bank of the Chao Phraya River, the temple complex Wat Arun, or Temple of Dawn, is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Bangkok. Wat Arun is renowned for its 80-meter-high prang – the tower, built in the style of the legendary temple complex Angkor Wat in Cambodia – and is reckoned among the most famous Buddhist temples in the capital. It is its peculiar silhouette

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Weekend Market is situated in Bangkok’s north, near the namesake park. It is the largest market in Thailand and one of the largest in the world. From 200000 to 300000 visitors come there on weekends. Not all of them go shopping at that. Some people visit Chatuchak, which has long become a substantial part of tourist travel guides, on excursion. Chatuchak owes its origin to the former pri

National Science Museum
The National Science Museum is from year to year recognized as the most visited one in Bangkok and attracts more and more visitors. It is really hard to ignore it: first of all, thanks to the original building, in which the exposition is situated. The grandiose construction of the Science Museum is a real masterpiece of the contemporary architecture. It consists of two huge cubes that seem to bala

The Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall
The monumental marble building of the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall is reckoned among the most imposing and significant constructions of the Dusit royal palatial complex, on par with the Vimanmek Mansion. Raised in the early 20th century, it served as reception hall for international guests and was used for gala events during several decades. Now throne hall’s luxurious interiors are transformed int

Grand Royal Palace
There is no doubt that the Grand Royal Palace is Bangkok’s most famous sight and the center of the tourist pilgrimage. It is a huge complex of stunning buildings, situated on the bank of the river in capital’s historical center. Visiting it is comparable to being in the fairy-tale world of the ancient Siam: multi-level tiled roofs, mosaic pagodas glancing against the sun, colorful stained-glass wi

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